ClearVoyage in 2023 - A year of making voyage management simpler

Jan 1, 2024

We are committed to making voyage management as clear and simple as possible - and in 2023 we made some big strides towards that goal!

We firmly believe that all chartering, operations and finance teams need an easy and transparent platform to work together. It’s that simple

Whether you are planning a complex voyage, handling a difficult laytime claim, or managing a huge set of accounts for a multi-year time charter, the principles are the same.

A Very Short Customer Feedback Loop

With that in mind, new updates to ClearVoyage are based entirely on customer feedback - they know best

We also try to deliver on that feedback as quickly as possible

That’s why there were 58 product releases in 2023. More than one a week

It means that customers see their feedback come to life quickly, and the cycle of feedback can continue!

Here are some of our customers’ favourite new features… from biggest new features to the smallest design improvements

Compare Estimates Quickly

Charterting teams need to quickly compare multiple options: different discharge ports, cargo quantities etc. 

Each estimate may only have one change but it should be easy to generate estimates, change them, and compare TCEs

In response, a new “estimate comparison” feature was delivered in June. Teams can copy voyage estimates with a click, then change whichever parameter they need to

What’s more, when they fix a contract, you can keep all the estimates in an array. So when the final discharge port is nominated, you can compare the actual P&L to the relevant estimate

This makes the comparison of the estimate to the actual much more meaningful as you can compare apples to apples

Drill Down Into The Voyage P&L

Comparing the estimate to the actual P&L of a voyage can be a real minefield

So when a customer requested that ClearVoyage provide more detail into the P&L, we delivered the context the needed to make the comparison

Now, you can drill down into each section of the P&L to see exactly why the estimate and actuals differ

It’s not good enough to just compare the totals. For a complex item like bunker expenditure, you need to see the detail:

  • Was the bunker price different?

  • Did the vessel consume more than expected?

  • Did we visit different ports from what was estimated?

Hire Rate Schedules To Assist Invoicing

Our customers make good use of the flexibility and control in hire invoicing with ClearVoyage. Of course, it could still be improved. 

So when Celsius Shipping asked us to implement a “hire rate schedule” - it was implemented within a month.

Now the team can input a schedule of hire rates across the TC contract, and this information flows into invoicing. Whenever a hire invoice is being raised, colleagues see what hire rate should apply - so it’s impossible to forget - and there is no need to check an Excel spreadsheet

An Example Of A Small But Important Improvement

Hundreds of small improvements were delivered over the year. But one of the most popular improvements was letting you choose your own date format. For some of us, Day/Month/Year makes sense; for others Month/Day/Year is best! 

Now you can choose whatever date format you prefer, along with a host of other personal settings.

This might seem small but we think that hundreds of tiny improvements like this add up to a great experience for you

And your experience is what we care about most

There’s More To Come

As we move into 2024, there’s still a long list of new features and improvements to come. We are as committed as ever to making voyage management easy

Here are three key features we aim to release in the next few months

  1. Improved COA structure

  2. More flexible reporting & dashboards 

  3. Completely pain-free onboarding 

If you are interested in seeing our roadmap or having a trial of the app for yourself - just book a meeting at a time to suit you in our calendar here

Our no-risk trial is a good way for potential customers to use the full ClearVoyage app - without any long term commitment. Because it’s a simple, cloud based solution, there’s no complex installation or setup. We can activate your account, send you a link, give you 20 minutes training and off you go! All within 24 hours

Interested in learning more?

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