Unity Maritime has chosen ClearVoyage as their voyage management system to improve their commercial performance

Apr 17, 2023

Unity Maritime is an owner and operator of 18 dry bulk vessels, based in London, UK.

Unity was managing their operations using Excel and email. Although they had used other voyage management systems in the past, they found them too complex and not user-friendly.

To reduce the complexity and risks of their manual processes and add visibility to their management team, Unity decided to switch to ClearVoyage. With ClearVoyage, they were able to bring structure to their commercial, operational, and accounting processes as their fleet and team continued to grow.

They also wanted to track every aspect of their commercial performance, to help them improve over time.

"We needed a digital system to track every aspect of our commercial performance"

Since implementing ClearVoyage, Unity has seen significant improvements in their operations. The team's tasks have become simpler, even with the growing fleet, and processes have been de-risked, ensuring that everyone has access to the same information.

"Processes have been de-risked"

The team now has more transparency, with live reporting of profitability and utilization, which has helped them make better business decisions.

They are also planning to monitor emissions indices (CII & EEOI) inside ClearVoyage in the near future.Setting up ClearVoyage was a pain-free process for Unity, with data migration taking only a few weeks.

New users can now be onboarded in a matter of days because the app is easy to learn. The system is continuously improving, and Unity hopes to see even more value from it over time. Support is easy to find, and any issues are handled promptly, which is important to them.

"The system is continuously improving, so we hope to see even more value from it over time"

Overall, ClearVoyage has helped Unity Maritime streamline their operations, reduce risks, and improve transparency. They are now able to focus on growing their business, knowing that they have a reliable and easy-to-use system to support them.

With ClearVoyage, Unity Maritime can achieve their long-term goals of improving their commercial performance, profitability, and emissions.

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