ClearVoyage Updates In February 2024

Mar 1, 2024

February may be the shortest month of the year but that doesn’t mean we didn’t pack lots of new features in

Many of the new features focused on making the daily experience of using the app better

Whether that is jumping quickly between the estimate and the contract, which is now done with a single click

Or that is setting key default values for your company: such as sea margin, or how many decimals you want for hire days

ClearVoyage is here to make managing voyage and time charters simpler and more enjoyable!

Entering Vessel Speedcons Figures Is More Flexible 

It is now much easier to enter the vessel speedcons figures you need for estimating consumptions for a voyage

There’s a nice, simple but flexible structure for adding the figures quickly

This includes normal and ECA consumptions, and in port consumptions for working and idle

You can add as many speed & consumption figures as you want… so you can enter speed combinations such as “super slow” and “normal speeds”

Then when you are estimating, it is easy to switch between different speeds to see the effect on the TCE

Management Controls Have Expanded

Some settings aren’t personal - they need to be set at the company level. 

There are obvious management controls like for approvals or permissions but there are some controls which you might not have seen yet

In the management settings, you can 

  • Set the company default sea margin

  • Decide how many decimal places you want for hire days or off hire days

  • Define the different types of off-hire you wish your team to record

The management controls are still simple and easy to understand

New controls keep getting added - and they offer real flexibility for you to set up ClearVoyage to suit you

Ultimately, you decide how you want to run voyages in ClearVoyage, not the other way around!

The Layout Of The Voyage Now “Flows”

The voyage charter has a number of tabs, dedicated to each major task of planning and executing the voyage

Freight and claims are now split into two separate tabs, so they are much simpler and easier to handle

The tabs themselves are now in a much more clear order, making it easier to flow from one task to the next, as you would during a voyage

It’s a small improvement, but one that will save time

And your experience is what we care about most

There’s More To Come In March

There’s a great new “Outstandings” dashboard coming - which shows every item outstanding

This is a simple table with all the outstanding amounts, dates, charterers, contracts and vessels 

And can be easily filtered or searched to just show you your vessels or contracts

This dashboard had been requested by many of our customers, so it became a top priority for us. It will go live in a few days

“What is outstanding” is such a key question for any owner or operator

ClearVoyage is here to provide a simple answer

It’s just another way you can make financial voyage management easy! 

Interested in learning more?

We will talk about your Voyage Management needs and show you exactly how ClearVoyage can meet them