ClearVoyage Updates In March 2024

Apr 2, 2024

Some significant features were released in March - with big improvements to the voyage estimator and the dashboards. 

All features were driven by customer requests of course. 

Some requests were made during the onboarding process but other requests came from long-standing customers. We value both equally. 

Ultimately, these features will benefit all customers, so we were happy to deliver them quickly! 

After all, ClearVoyage is here to make managing voyage and time charters simpler

Outstandings dashboard now released 

This new dashboard shows every invoice, along with what’s been invoiced, paid and outstanding. 

There are lots of ways to filter and sort the data too: by amounts, dates, charterers, contracts or vessels 

This information had been requested by many of our customers, so it became a top priority for us and it’s now live 

“What is outstanding” is such a key question for any owner or operator. ClearVoyage is here to provide a simple answer

It’s just another way you can make financial voyage management easy!

‘Endless’ estimate improvements

Chartering teams use the ClearVoyage estimator more than all other features combined. It’s clearly the most important feature for them

That’s why we’ve been so focused on improving it so

  1. It’s faster to use

  2. It’s more accurate & reliable

  3. You can do more with it 

This will be a continuous process - we’d like our estimator to be the best out there

Here’s a couple good examples of improvements this month

Entering the TC IN cost of a vessel is simpler 

You now have two simple options

  1. Use the TC In hire cost of a ship from its underlying contract in the system

  2. You can manually enter the per day hire cost - e.g. the ship is new 

The voyage plan shows all the totals you need 

You can now see all the total distances, distances in ECA, days at sea, days in port, and costs on the voyage plan.

There’s lots of key information you need when estimating, and we’ve made it easy to find.

Register off hire on the vessel or the contract

You can register an off hire event on a contract but now you can also register off hire on the vessel!

We made this change so that it would be easier to pass off hire back to the owner if the vessel is chartered-in. 

This way, you can register off hire on the vessel, and then allocate that off hire to both the voyage or “TC Out” and the “TC In”.

It means you don’t have to register the off hire twice - and any changes are shown on both contracts

Ultimately, you decide how you want to register off hire in ClearVoyage. ClearVoyage doesn’t decide for you! 

There’s More To Come In April

Our philosophy is to make lots of incremental improvements, which add up over time to make your voyage management easier

Here are some of the upcoming improvements in April

✅ Improved laytime management

✅ More detailed voyage planning

✅ Simpler handling of “pro forma” and “final” invoices

Interested in learning more?

We will talk about your Voyage Management needs and show you exactly how ClearVoyage can meet them