ClearVoyage Updates In May 2024

Jun 1, 2024

Some powerful new features were released in May, designed to give you more control, flexibility, and efficiency in managing your freight, hire and other invoices. 

These updates are part of our ongoing commitment to provide you with the easiest way to handle your operations and maximize your productivity. 

It’s all part of ClearVoyage’s easy voyage management system

With added flexibility on our invoicing engine, you now have complete autonomy over your invoicing processes. This update allows you to decide precisely how much of the freight or commissions you wish to invoice at any given time.

For instance, you may wish to invoice 90% of freight but 100% of broker’s commission

Ultimately, the new invoicing engine offers

  • Increased flexibility: to suit your business needs, whether you want to invoice in full or partially.

  • Enhanced control: see your outstandings and understand which items need follow-up, reducing dependencies and delays.

Flexible Invoice Fields

Our flexible invoice fields feature enables you to customize your invoices effortlessly. You can now set up invoices with the specific bank details and other necessary fields to match your requirements for freight or hire invoices. 

It makes it easy to create invoices that are consistent and include all necessary information, every time

Market Vessels

Now you can add and track market vessels in the ClearVoyage voyage management system. This feature simplifies the process of looking at potential vessels for a voyage. Included are 

  • Vessel locations using AIS

  • Calculate ETAs to any port in the world to see if the vessel is suitable

  • Market vessels can be added in seconds - so you can run estimates faster than ever

There’s More To Come In July

Our philosophy is to make lots of incremental improvements. Over time, these compound to make your voyage management easier

Here are some of the upcoming improvements in July

✅ Estimate EUA costs under EU ETS for a voyage

✅ Bareboat charter types; invoice items like capex & opex through a bareboat charter contract

✅ Invoice for hire on a “per calendar month” basis; not just hire “per day”

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